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Aphrodite Springs Public Ltd
ΑΣΠΛ1 - Aphrodite Springs Public Ltd
Repayment of a payable to a related party of c.€5.1m

1. Aphrodite Springs Public Limited (the “Company”), announces the execution of two agreements with two shareholders (currently owning c.63.7%) which provide as follows: 

  • The injection of cash of c.€5.1m into the Company by two of the Company’s shareholders, pro rata to their current shareholding;  
  • Use of the money injected to repay a payable to a related company; 
  • Within three months, the repayment of the injected cash (a) in cash, or, if no cash is available at the time, (b) an increase in the authorised share capital and issuance of shares to the two shareholders who injected cash pro rata to their contribution/shareholding. 

2. The Company has duly notified all other shareholders having pre-emption rights, and all such shareholders (a) consented to the possible share capital increase and (b) waived their rights to acquire additional shares in the Company, in the event that the Company resolves to proceed with the increase of its share capital and allotment of shares, in the manner contemplated in the agreements.

3. The Company further announces that the payable to the related party as described above has been repaid on 2 April 2021.

Not Regulated
Filing Date: 06/04/2021 16:28

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