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Suspension of Trading
Cyprus Stock Exchange
INGARD2 - Pulteney Bond Designated Activity Company (Bonds)
Continuation of the suspension of trading of the titles of Pulteney Bond DAC (Regulated Market)


Following a relevant approval by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, the Cyprus Stock Exchange announces the continuation of the suspension of trading of the titles of Glenfinnian Bond DAC and Pulteney Bond DAC for further two (2) months, i.e. until 2 February 2021, in view of the fact that no certificate has been received regarding the completion of the procedure for the transfer of all Bondholder portfolios to the company acting as Nominee. As a result of the above, it is not clear whether all Bondholders have access to their accounts and, therefore, it is not possible to purchase and sell the Bonds of the two companies.

This decision was reached pursuant to Article 185(2)  of the Securities and Cyprus Stock Exchange Law.

It is noted that if during these two months the grounds for the suspension of trading of the titles of the above companies no longer exist, the said suspension will be lifted.


Nicosia, 30 November 2020



Not Regulated
Filing Date: 30/11/2020 17:12

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