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Cyprus Stock Exchange
EUMBR - RichReach Corporation Public Ltd
Listing of additional shares of the company RichReach Corporation Public Ltd


The Cyprus Stock Exchange announces the listing on the Cyprus Stock Exchange, pursuant to Article 58(1) of the Securities and Cyprus Stock Exchange Law, of 36,111 ordinary shares of the company "RichReach Corporation Public Ltd", which were issued and allotted with the method of private placement, and their simultaneous entry in the Central Securities Depository and Central Registry of the CSE, pursuant to Articles 10(1) and (3) of the Securities and Cyprus Stock Exchange (Central Securities Depository and Central Registry) Law.

It is noted that the above shares will be incorporated in the company's already listed share capital, which will increase to 11,298,167 shares. 


The trading of the shares will commence on Friday,14 August 2020.

Nicosia, 12 August 2020


Not Regulated
Filing Date: 12/08/2020 12:30

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