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Material change of the Financial State/ Capital Structure /Co-operations/ Acquisitions/ Mergers ( Buy/ Sell of Major Assets/ Borrowing burdens etc)
Elbridge Investments Ltd
ELBI - Elbridge Investments Ltd
Announcement for Restructuring of Ownership

Elbridge Investments Limited  (the “Company”) hereby announces that its ownership structure has changed and it is now part of the group of companies of VONPENDE HOLDINGS P.L.C., a Cyprus public company listed in the Cyprus Stock Exchange’ s Emerging Companies Market, following a purchase of 100% of its share capital by VONPENDE HOLDINGS P.L.C., in a transaction which closed on 29/07/2020.

All the terms of the Subordinated, Non-Secured, Non-guaranteed, Callable Coupon Bonds (ISIN CY0148702216) issued by the Company, as well as the rights of the Holders of the said Bonds, remain unaffected in all respects.

Kind Regards 

Constantinos Constantinou


Filing Date: 31/07/2020 08:59

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