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Suspension of trading of the titles of Inhsystems Ltd (Emerging Companies Market) continued


The Cyprus Stock Exchange announces the continuation of the suspension of trading of the titles of the company Inzhsystems Ltd (Emerging Companies Market). 

This decision was taken pursuant to Article 183 of the Securities and Cyprus Stock Exchange Law on the grounds that the company has not issued and published its Half-Yearly Financial Report for the period ended 30/6/2019 and does not maintain Nominated Advisor and Trustee services.

The continuation of the suspension of trading will take effect on 26 May 2020.

It is understood that the suspension of trading of the company's titles will be lifted if and when it complies with its pending obligations.  

In addition to the above, it is further noted that the company has only 1 Director, in breach of Paragraph 3.1.1 (ν), according to which there must be at least 2 Directors, one of whom must be an Executive Director.

Nicosia, 20 May 2020


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Filing Date: 21/05/2020 09:52

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