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BIE - Blueprint Industrial Engineering Plc (Bonds 2020)
Continuation of trading of the titles of Blueprint Industrial Engineering Plc with the (Σ) marking (Emerging Companies Market)


Τhe Cyprus Stock Exchange announces that the titles of  Blueprint Industrial Engineering Plc, which are traded on the Emerging Companies Market of the CSE, will continue to appear with the (Σ) marking on the trading boards and price bulletins on the Bonds Market of the Emerging Companies Market (for issuers whose Registry is not kept by the Central Depository/Registry), due to the non-issue and non-publication of its Half-Yearly Financial Report for the period ended 31/10/2019, as required by Paragraph of RAA 379/2014 (as amended).

This decision was taken pursuant to Paragraph 2.2.6(Α)(c) as well as Policy Decision of the CSE Council (Circular No.: 01/2018, 02/2018, ημερ. 23/1/2018).

It is clarified that the Council will proceed with removing the (Σ) marking from company's titles on the trading boards and price bulletins once it establishes that the reasons that led to such appearance no longer apply.


Nicosia, 6 February 2020


Not Regulated
Filing Date: 07/02/2020 12:48

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