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Issue of new/ additional securities
RichReach Corporation Public Ltd
EUMBR - RichReach Corporation Public Ltd
Stock Option Scheme

On 16/01/2020, the Board of Directors of RichReach Corporation Public Ltd (the “Company”) has unanimously decided to offer Stock Options to all the Company’s employees, directors and full time external contractors (as described at Part JC.7 of the Company’s Admission Document dated 12/10/2018) which will be in accordance with the Company’s Stock Option Scheme.


Each Stock Option will be structured by considering:

  • the targets set by the Company to the Participant
  • the business plan of the Company
  • the interests of the Company’s shareholders


The Company will announce when one or more Stock Options are exercised and inform about its intention to proceed with the application for admission of the shares (purchased by the Participants) for trading at the non-regulated Emerging Companies Market of the Cyprus Stock Exchange where the already existing shares are traded.

Filing Date: 17/01/2020 15:12

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