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Trading sessions during Christmas and New Year holiday season


Τhe Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) announces, pursuant to the Trading Rules, that during the Christmas, New Year and Epiphany holiday season, there will be neither trading sessions nor clearing/money settlement of trading transactions on the following public holidays: Tuesday 24 December 2019, Wednesday 25 December 2019, Thursday 26 December 2019, Wednesday 1 January 2020 and Monday 6 January 2020.

The Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) decided, in the context of operation of the CSE-ASE Common Platform and taking into account that the Athens Stock Exchange will have special working hours on New Year's Eve (31/12/2019), and in order to ensure the smooth and  orderly operation of its Market, to change the times of the CSE trading session on 31/12/2019 and therefore the Markets will close 2 (two) hours earlier. More specifically, the trading on the Markets (i.e. Main Market, Alternative Market, Surveillance Market, Government Bonds Market, Corporate Bonds Market as well as the Emerging Companies Market) on 31/12/2019 will end at 15:20 instead of 17:20.

The exact secondary CSE Market Schedule changes on this date (31/12/2019) are published on the CSE website.


Nicosia,  28 November 2019



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Filing Date: 29/11/2019 09:11

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