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SAINT - All Saints Commercial Plc
Suspension of trading of the titles of All Saints Commercial Plc


The Cyprus Stock Exchange wishes to inform investors that it will proceed to the suspension of trading of the titles of the company All Saints Commercial Plc as of Wednesday, 24 April 2019, as the company has not appointed a Clearing Agent for the transactions relating to its listed titles.

The decision was taken pursuant to Article 183 of the Securities and Cyprus Stock Exchange Law in order to protect investors and has been ratified by the Council of the Cyprus Stock Exchange. The suspension will continue until the 24th of June 2019 or until the appointment of a Clearing Agent.

In additon to the above, it is noted that the company has submitted and published its Half-yearly Financial Report for the period ended 30/11/2018. As a result, the company's titles will not appear with the (Σ) marking.


Nicosia, 19 April 2019


Not Regulated
Filing Date: 19/04/2019 14:35

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