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Suspension of Trading
Cyprus Stock Exchange
HJS - Malborough Equity Plc(Bonds 2024)
Suspension of trading of the titles of the company Malborough Equity Plc


Following a previous announcement dated 11 December 2018, the Cyprus Stock Exchange announces the suspension of trading of the titles of the companies Allenbrooke Plc, Malborough Equity Plc and Apollo Commercial Property Plc pursuant to Article 183 of the CSE Law, due to the non submission and publication of their financial results. More specifically, the companies  Allenbrooke Plc and Malborough Equity Plc have not issued and published their Yearly Financial Report for the year ended  31/7/2018, while the company Apollo Commercial Property Plc has not issued and published its Half-Yearly Financial Report for the period ended 31/8/2018. The suspension of trading will be effective as of tomorrow Thursday, 14 March 2019.

The decision was taken pursuant to Article 183 of the Securities and Cyprus Stock Exchange Law in order to protect investors, as well as in the framework of the Policy Decision of the CSE Council, according to which if an Issuer fails to comply within 3 months from the date of appearance of its titles with the (Σ) marking on the trading boards and the price bulletins, as a result of the non submission and publication of its financial results, the Cyprus Stock Exchange will proceed to suspend the trading of the issuer's titles (CSE circular 01-2018, 02-2018, dated 23/1/2018).

It is understood that the suspension of trading of the titles of the above companies will be lifted if and when their pending financial results are submitted.

Nicosia, 13 March 2019


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Filing Date: 13/03/2019 20:50

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