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Change in the Composition of the FTSE/CySE20 Index


In view of informing investors, the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) announces the following changes in the composition of the FTSE/CySE20 Index. In particular, it is noted that the shares of the companies: a) Ermes Department Stores Plc and b) Woolworth (Cyprus) Properties Plc are removed from the composition of the Index and are replaced by the shares of the companies Amathus Public Ltd and Blue Island Plc which, based on the most recent assessment of the Index, have been included in the Reserve List. 

The changes are made pursuant to Rule 6.4 of the Management Rules of the FTSE/CySE20 Index referring to cases of suspension and replacement of shares participating in the Index.

The above changes will take effect as of Tuesday, 12 February 2019.


Nicosia, 11 February 2019


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Filing Date: 11/02/2019 12:57

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