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ΤΒ13L18 - 13 weeks Treasury Bills 12th Edition 2018 (30/11/2018 – 01/03/2019)
-- ΓΔ13Μ18/ ΤΒ13L18 -- Listing of 66.750 13-Week Treasury Bills 12th Issue, Series 2018


Listing of new Treasury Bonds of the Republic of Cyprus on the CSE

The Cyprus Stock Exchange announces that, pursuant to Article 58(1) of the CSE Law, it has accepted the listing on the CSE of 66.750 13-Week Treasury Bills, 12th Issue, Series 2018 (30/11/2018 – 01/03/2019) of a nominal value of €1000 each, of a total value of €66.750.000, which have resulted from an auction carried out on 26 November 2018.  Their date of issue will be 30 November 2018.

The code of the above titles to be listed on the Bonds Market will be ΓΔ13Μ18/ ΤΒ13L18 and their ISIN Code will be CY0148240811.

The Bills do not bear an interest rate.

Their trading will commence on Friday, 30 November 2018.


Nicosia, 28 November 2018


Not Regulated
Filing Date: 29/11/2018 10:30

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