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Suspension of Trading
Cyprus Stock Exchange
Suspension of trading of all listed titles of Hellenic Bank Public Company Ltd


Following a relevant request by Hellenic Bank Public Company Ltd and pursuant to Article 183 of the Securities and Cyprus Stock Exchange Law, the Cyprus Stock Exchange announces the suspension of trading of all listed titles (shares and securities) of the aforesaid Company, as of today, 29 October 2018 and until the publication by the Company of its financial results for the nine-month period ended 30 September 2018 (9Μ2018) and the finalisation of their impact on the Company's regulatory capital position.  

In particular, the suspension is deemed necessary for the smooth operation of the market and the protection of investors taking into consideration the reasons stated in the Company's announcement of today.

It is further noted that in addition to the suspension of trading of the Company's titles, transactions executed outside the Exchange pursuant to Article 23 of the CSE Law or Over The Counter (OTC) transactions will not be permitted.


Nicosia, 29 October 2018


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Filing Date: 29/10/2018 13:32

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