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Alteration of capital/dept (Increase/Reduction/Cancellation/ Split/ Consolidation etc)
LonPro Holdings Plc
LONPRO - LonPro Holdings Plc (Bonds 2021)
Change of maturity of bonds
The Directors of Lonpro Holdings Plc announce that the maturity of the 2021 Bonds has been changed to 30 September 2018. This change has been carried out according to the terms of these bonds as set out in the Trust Deed dated 27 June 2017 made between, Woodside Corporate Services Limited and the Company.As a result on 30 September 2018 the 2021 Bonds will mature and any accrued interest and capital will be repaid to bondholders by 31 October 2018.The 2021 Bonds will cease to be listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange at the close of the market on Friday 29 September 2018.The Directors of the Issuer accept responsibility for the contents of this announcement.FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT: Nick CharalambousLonPro Holdings PlcDirectorTel: +44(0)203 397 9800 CSE Nominated AdvisorNick Michaels and Jon IsaacsAlfred Henry Corporate Finance Limitedwww.alfredhenry.comTel: +44 203 772 002114 September 2018
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Filing Date: 14/09/2018 12:47

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