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Suspension of Trading
Cyprus Stock Exchange
YMCHA - Yumchaa Holdings Plc
Continuation of the suspension of trading of the titles of Yumchaa Holdings Plc


The Cyprus Stock Exchange announces the continuation of the suspension of trading of the titles of Yumchaa Holdings Plc (Emerging Companies Market) for further two (2) months, i.e. until 22 October 2018, since the company has not obtained and does not maintain Nominated Advisors services and did not proceed with issuing and publishing its Annual Financial Report for the year ended 30/9/2017.

This decision was taken pursuant to Article 185 of the Securities and the Cyprus Stock Exchange Law.

Furthermore, it is stated that, if during this two-month period, the reasons for the suspension of trading of the titles of the above company no longer exist, the said suspension will be lifted.

Further to the above, it is reminded that the company's titles appear with the (Σ) marking on the trading boards and the price bulletins since the company has not yet completed the actions for the appointment of a Clearing Agent and did not proceed with issuing and publlishing its Half-Yearly Financial Report for the period ended 31/3/2018.

Nicosia, 7 August 2018

Not Regulated
Filing Date: 07/08/2018 14:11

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