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Changes in the compositions of CSE Indices


The Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) announces the following changes in the compositions of the CSE Indices. More specifically, it is noted that the share of A&P (ANDREOU & PARASKEVAIDES) ENTERPRISES PUBLIC COMPANY LTD is removed from the compositions of the General Index and the Alternative Market Index.

These changes were made pursuant to Rule 4.1 of the Ground Rules for the Management and Calculation of the CSE Indices according to which in case an existing company which participates in the Index does not trade on the market and is suspended for a period of over 30 calendar days, then it must be removed from the Index on the 31st day.

The above changes will take effect as of Monday, 12 Μarch 2018.

Nicosia, 9 March 2018

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Filing Date: 10/03/2018 10:40

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