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The Just Loans Group Plc (JUST/ΤΖ)
JUST - The Just Loans Group Plc
ISO Certification for The Just Loans Group

The Just Loans Group PLC has achieved  ISO 9001:2015  global certification - the internationally recognised Quality Management System standard which underpins the next stage of its development.


BSI, the UK's leading certification body carried out the thorough company-wide audit process. Carla Whyte, Senior Client Propositions Manager at BSI said: “Certification to ISO 9001 brings a process based approach to an organization, placing customer satisfaction at the heart of the business and helping to enhance performance. The Just Loans Group should be proud that they have achieved certification to the world’s most widely recognized Quality Management System standard which is testament to the commitment of the whole team.”


 The Just Loans Group is the parent company of the award winning Just Cash Flow PLC which specialises in providing revolving cash facilities to SMEs to assist with smoothing the peaks and troughs of working capital. It has invested heavily in building a multi-language, currency and jurisdictional lending platform that uses proprietary underwriting technology, which is invisible to the end customer but harvests information that enables smart lending decisions.


 To maximise returns on this investment future plans now include widening the product range and expanding into other European countries.


 To gain this certification a complete audit of all business processes was undertaken and carefully documented; consolidating the creation of an integrated management system. The process includes regular quality reviews and continuous improvement programmes.


 CEO John Davies says,"We felt it important for the company to have the thorough independent scrutiny that comes with successfully being certified to ISO 9001:2015 and to take on suggestions for further improving and documenting everything we do.

 "It is even more important that this certification provides our customers, business partners and investors with confidence that they are dealing with an organisation that insists on the highest possible internal standards.

 "One option for us in the future is to apply to list on AIM and this certification will be very helpful in that process."


The Directors of The Just Loans Group Plc accept responsibility for the contents of this announcement.




Robert Boot - FD

The Just Loans Group Plc

Telephone: +44 203 199 6379


CSE Nominated Advisor

Nick Michaels and Jon Isaacs

Alfred Henry Corporate Finance Limited

Tel: +44 207 251 3762


19 May 2017

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