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Annual Financial Report
Audited Consolidated Results for 2015 - Proposed dividend of €0.05 per share - Annual General Meeting to be held on 23/06/2016 – Right granted pursuant to Article 127Β (1) of Cap. 113

We wish to announce that, at its meeting held on 31/03/2016, the Board of Directors of the Company approved the Annual Report, the Corporate Governance Report, the Audited Consolidated Financial Statements of the Company and the Audited Annual Accounts of the Parent Company for 2015 (“the Annual Report”) which will be discussed at the Annual General Meeting which will take place on Thursday,  23/06/2016 at 19:00 at the Hilton Hotel Cyprus in Nicosia.

There is no material convergence between the Indicative Results for 2015 announced on 26/02/2016 and the results referred to in the consolidated financial statements.

The Board of Directors decided to propose for approval at the General Meeting of Shareholders the payment of a dividend of €0.05 per share (14.7% on the nominal value of the share) which corresponds to 34.2% on the profits of the year.

The proposed record date will be Thursday, 07/07/2016. The cum-dividend date will be Tuesday, 05/07/2016, while the ex-dividend date will be Wednesday, 06/07/2016. Beneficiaries are the investors who are acceptors under an OTC transaction that will be completed (registered in the Dematerialised Securities System) by the proposed record date.

The proposed date for the payment of dividend is 22/7/2016. The exact date will be announced.

Members are reminded of the right granted by Article 127Β.-(1) of the Companies Act, Cap. 113 and provision Δ.2.1.e) of the Corporate Governance Code to add items on the agenda of the annual general meeting and submit draft resolutions. A relevant application by a member or members holding at least 5% of the issued shares (voting rights) must be received in printed or electronic form by 12/05/2016 (at least 42 days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting). The total issued shares of the Company are 74.079.600. The mailing addresses are: P.O.Box 51094, 3501 Limassol, Fax:+357 25372282, Email:

A satisfactory number of copies of the full text of the Annual Report, as approved and signed, will be available at the Company's registered office (35, Theklas Lysioti Str., EagleStarHouse, 1st Floor, 3030 Limassol, P.O.Box: 51094, 3501 Limassol, Τel.: +357 25 818444, Fax: +357 25 372282 – Email: and the Company's Administration Office (26, Stasinou Str.,Αyia Paraskevi, Strovolos, 2003 Nicosia. P.O.Box: 23472, 1683 Nicosia, Τel.: +357 22 551000, Fax: +357 22 514294 – email: and posted on the websites as an attachment to this announcement. The Annual Report will also be available in printed form at the Annual General Meeting.

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