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MERE - The Meredith Property Group Plc
Trading of the titles of The Meredith Property Group Plc with the (Σ) marking

The Cyprus Stock Exchange announces that the titles of The Meredith Property Group Plc, which are traded on the Emerging Companies Market, will appear with the (Σ) marking on the trading boards and the price bulletins as of Thursday 9 August 2018, due the Company's failure to issue and publish its Annual Financial Report for the year ended 31/3/2018 as required by Article 154 of the Securities and the Cyprus Stock Exchange Law.

This decision was taken pursuant to Paragraph 2.2.6(Α)(c) and the Policy Decision of the CSE Council (Circular No. 01/2018, 02/2018, dated 23/1/2018).

It is clarified that the Council will remove the (Σ) marking from the Company's titles on the trading boards and the price bulletins once it establishes that the reasons that led to the appearance of the marking no longer apply.
Nicosia, 7 August 2018


Not Regulated
Filing Date: 07/08/2018 13:56