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Issue of new/ additional securities
RichReach Corporation Public Ltd
EUMBR - RichReach Corporation Public Ltd
Intention to Apply for the Admission of Additional Shares of RichReach Corporation Public Ltd

Further to the announcement dated 31/05/2022 ( regarding the offering of 16,250 Stock Option Shares to the three Directors of the Company (Mr Georgios Koufaris, Mr Epaminondas Metaxas and Mr Christakis Ierides) who have declared interest in participating in the Stock Option Scheme of the Company, RichReach Corporation Public Ltd (the “Company”) wishes to inform the investing public the following: 

  • The three aforementioned Directors have exercised their Stock Options in full within the predetermined exercise period and the Company has approved the exercise of the Stock Options.
  • The Company will proceed in due course with an application for admission of the 16,250 new shares for trading at the non-regulated Emerging Companies Market of the Cyprus Stock Exchange where the already existing shares are traded. Following the admission of the 16,250 additional shares, the total number of issued and fully paid ordinary shares of the Company will be 11,395,171 (of €0.05 nominal value each).
Filing Date: 31/08/2022 14:18

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