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RichReach Corporation Public Ltd
EUMBR - RichReach Corporation Public Ltd
Stock Option Scheme

Following the announcement dated 17/01/2020 regarding the intention to offer Stock Options to all the Company’s employees, directors and full time external contractors, which will be in accordance with the Company’s Stock Option Scheme (, RichReach Corporation Public Ltd (the “Company”) wishes to inform the investing public the following: 

  • The Directors of the Company Mr Georgios Koufaris, Mr Epaminondas Metaxas and Mr Christakis Ierides have declared interest in participating in the Stock Option Scheme of the Company.
  • The Company has offered to the three Directors the total of 16,250 Stock Option Shares at the Exercise Price of €0.05 per Stock Option Share, in accordance with the provisions of the Company’s Stock Option Scheme. 
  • The period for exercising their Stock Options starts on 01/06/2022 and ends on 31/08/2022. 
  • The Company will proceed with a new announcement regarding the exercise of the abovementioned Stock Options not later than the last date of the exercise period.
Filing Date: 31/05/2022 13:19

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