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RichReach Corporation Public Ltd
EUMBR - RichReach Corporation Public Ltd
Share Purchase Agreement Signed with Strategic Investor

RichReach Corporation Public Ltd (the “Company”) wishes to inform the investing public that it has signed today an additional Share Purchase Agreement with one of its existing strategic investors. The agreement pertains to the investment of €130,000 in the Company’s share capital through private placement, by virtue of which the strategic investor will purchase 59,121 additional shares of the Company. Following this transaction, the total investment amount of the subject strategic investor in the Company will reach €300,000, and all the shares acquired through private placement will reflect a purchase price at a 30% discount to the Issue Price in accordance with Part A: Key Share Capital of the Company’s Admission Document.

It is further clarified that the investment will be made in fifteen monthly instalments, the first one in October 2020 and the final one in December 2021.

The Company will publish follow-up announcements once the money from each instalment of the aforementioned investment are received.

Filing Date: 22/09/2020 16:25

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